How to Clear the Third Eye Chakra to Build Prosperity & Abundance

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra of the seven main energy centers in your body. It impacts the ability to tap into your intuition. When you make intuitive decisions, you are better able to attract positive energy flow. As money is energy, a balanced third eye chakra can increase your potential to build wealth.

Chakras are energy centers.


The chakras spin in a column from the crown of the head to the tailbone. Each time your meridians cross, that junction is called a chakra. The seven main chakras are energetic centers located at your endocrine glands.

The lower three major chakras are considered masculine in nature and call us to action. They help to ground us and are usually concerned with the material world.

The upper three major chakras are feminine in nature and are associated with self-reflection and the spiritual aspects of life. It is important that each chakra be balanced in relationship to each other.

When your chakras are balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system. Having balanced chakras impacts your aura, your energetic field. A balanced and cleansed aura will allow you to attract positive energy.

How does the third eye chakra impact money flow?


When you use your intuitive senses, you are better able to make accurate decisions and evaluations. Having clarity in your choices and actions can help you in your career and business. In turn, this impacts your ability to give and receive money.

Being able to listen to your intuition can help you raise your vibrational frequency and align with your soul purpose. Also, when you raise your vibrations, you are better able to attract positive outcomes. How so?

Energy flows where intention goes.

When you raise your energetic vibrations through living in alignment with your higher self, you are better able to attract what you need for your highest good.

When the third eye chakra is clear, you often have a clear sense of direction in everything that you do. When imbalanced, you may be indecisive and unconfident about decisions.

Is your third eye chakra blocked?

Constantly having buyer’s remorse? Always unsure when it comes to making financial decisions?

Blocks in the sixth chakra can affect your ability to have clarity around financial decisions. Thus, the blocks can negatively impact your path to financial freedom.

Limiting beliefs around money, negative emotions, unhealthy foods, and lack of exercise can adversely impact the chakras. The long term effects could lead to mental, emotional, and physical imbalances or blocks in the chakras.

Assess your money history to identify blocks.

Growing up, my parents fought about money all the time. We lived paycheck to paycheck...barely. So most of my adult life, I viewed money as a sensitive and negative topic.

It took me a while to build confidence around my personal finances. In fact, it’s still an ongoing practice to bust through limiting beliefs around money. Developing an abundance mindset can be a lifelong learning process even if it just takes a few steps.

How to clear the third eye chakra to attract wealth:

To balance your chakras, you can incorporate simple steps throughout your busy day…even if you only have minutes to spare.

By consistently taking small steps to balance your chakras, you’ll not only be able to clear blocks, but also raise your vibrations to attract abundance.

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