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Special video message from Jake to all new members:

NEW! Clear COVID-19 Special Track

Are you experiencing an increase in fear and anxiety during this lockdown period? Fret not! We have launched our own Clear COVID-19 Special Track to help you fight Coronavirus during this tough time. Listen to the track every day for at least 30 minutes to relieve fear and improve your immune system! For best results, we recommend you use a headphone if available.

Benefits for Clear COVID-19 Special Track:

  • Boost immunity to fight against the virus
  • Ease stress and induce calm during this lockdown period
  • Overcome fear of isolation and social distancing

VIP Bonus: (This is NOT part of Manifestation Code)

Disclaimer: This bonus is OPTIONAL. You can still achieve great results for Manifestation Code without this bonus, but you won't regret using it!

As a bonus, my business partner and I are conducting a FREE training plus Demonstration on how I managed to clock in over $1,000 every single day. Just by using this method, I have generated over 1 Million in profits just last month alone. And now you can do the same (Start By Generating $1,000/Day)

Welcome Message from Jake Mayers

Hello my dear friend! Welcome to the Manifestation Code members area. You have made the right decision to join us on this amazing wealth manifestation journey! Here's how you can make the most out of the Manifestation Code system:

You can find all the resources that you have purchased in this members area. To start off, listen to Cosmic Zero Wealth Tracks [Beginner Level] daily for at least 10 minutes a day. Every track is around 10 minutes, which means you can listen to any of the 5 tracks every day. By doing this, you can already raise your vibration level to cosmic zero state and start attracting wealth & prosperity in your life!

Once you're able to see some results, you can move on to Cosmic Zero Wealth Tracks [Advance Level]. These tracks are prepared for members who are more advanced. On average, our members take about 2 months to upgrade to Advance Level. Once you successfully reach the advanced level, you can have the ability to manifest for things in life much faster and easier!

Guided meditation tracks are specially created to help our members to accelerate the results! You can listen to the guided meditation tracks at least once a week, depending on what you want to manifest. It can help you to attract more energy, wealth, abundance and prosperity in life quickly.

If you encounter any problems with the materials, email us at and we promise to get back to you promptly!

Cosmic Zero Wealth Tracks [Beginner Level]

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Higher Power Meditation Track

This quick 15 Minute audio track can uncover and eliminate hidden beliefs that have robbed you of your right to be rich. It allows you to connect with the Higher Powers so that you may experience the emotions of true abundance as you test out your ever increasing income.

Solfeggio Prosperity Track

The universe we live in is constantly expanding, constantly growing, and so are we. The audio track is about expanding your vision, changing your short- and mid-term thinking, while using manifestation techniques to increase prosperity in your life.

Wealth Alignment Track

You are a vibrational being and you CAN create your life however you wish it to be. The key is to have alignment in your life. This track helps you to create wealth alignment so that you can start experiencing the wealth, good fortune and success that you're meant to have. 

Law Of Attraction Subliminal Track

Are you ready to effortlessly flow into abundance? The easy way to make money is to program your subconscious mind for wealth. By listening to this 10-minute track you can effortlessly program your mind for abundance completely automatically.

Unending Prosperity Manifestation Track

When you aren't clear about what you want, you aren't likely to get good results. This 10-minute track helps you to get a clear goal of the amount of wealth and the dream lifestyle you want, so that you can start manifesting for your desired life starting today!

Cosmic Zero Wealth Tracks [Advance Level]

Unable To Access Your Downloads On Mobile?

Pure Cosmic Waves Track

Listen to this track every night before you sleep, and gain an instant 'super sixth sense' for the sources of wealth and opportunities hidden in plain sight all around you. It's incredible how a simple mind shift will empower you to see everything in a whole new light.

Cosmic Wealth Vibration Track

Are you struggling to make more money? The truth is, you can't if your subconscious mind is not aligned with abundance. Most people continually struggle against hidden beliefs that they are meant to be poor. Listen to this track to unlock your "mind prison" and tune into wealth vibration!

Guided Prosperity Meditation Series

Guided Meditation: 5-min Morning Energy Starter

Starting your day with a morning meditation can help set the conditions for a more successful day. When you achieve calmness and peace of mind with morning meditation , your perspective changes and you may start to feel more positively about yourself and your day ahead.

Guided Meditation: 10-min Wealth & Abundance

The more we are align with the Universe, the more we open ourselves to the abundance that is present within us and all around us. This quick 10 minute wealth track can help you to align with the Universe, so that you can unlock the hidden wealth within you.

Guided Meditation: 15-min Money & Abundance

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. The moment you align your mind with your body and your heart with your soul, you immediately start attracting abundance of all kind into your life, money, health and relationships.

Bonus: Access Our Easy Audio App

Use Our Easy Audio App To Listen To Tracks On The Move

Announcement: Here’s How You Can Win $100!

Every month, we will be running a lucky draw contest and giving $100 away!

Here’s how to Participate:

Send in a testimonial of how Manifestation Code benefitted you AS WELL AS a picture of yourself to

To increase your chances of winning, we are looking for genuineness in the testimonial. **Video testimonials or images of proof are a bonus!

Winners will be notified via email.

Here's an example from one of our past winners:

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