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Subject: The Universe Is Trying To Connect With You

Subject: You are meant to have this

Subject: It’s Happening Right Now

Hello [Name]

You’re a beautiful soul.

Did you know that you are meant to manifest prosperity and abundance this month?

This truth is that all the struggles that you have been facing is preparing you for this moment.

Now it’s time for prosperity to fill your life. 

Are you ready? I hope so. It’s going to be exciting.

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Chat soon,


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Subject Line: Your Delivery Is Waiting

Hi friend.

I've been trying to send you some gifts for the past 30 days, but you can't receive them because you can't open your "cosmic inbox"...

It seems you've lost your key.
Fortunately, I have it right here for you.

Click on it to unlock your abundance inbox

And I'll resume delivery services asap:

I can't wait for you to see what's been waiting just around the corner for you this whole time, once you "unlock" your ability to're going to be absolutely amazed.

>> Click here to unlock your gift

May the universe be with you.

Chat soon,


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